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Insulation Installation UK wide. CALL 0800 234 6525.

For all your loft cleaning and reinsulating requirements please call us on 0800 235 6525, John direct on 0740 374 5269. or EMAIL US.
In addition to loft cleaning, we specialise in installing loft insulation and roof insulation, generally following loft cleaning. We also install loft and roof insulation without cleaning the loft first, but generally recommend loft cleaning prior to installing insulation. Loft cleaning removes lead filled dust, old insulation, cobwebs and spiders and also can include the removal of old water tanks and general debris.
Insulating your loft and also your roof can contribute to dramatic saving in energy bills and can take as little as 2 years to repay your investment in loft or roof insulation. Our insulaiton installation services comply with all BBA Standards and all insulation we install is manufactured in accordance with all required Government regulations with regard to thermal qualities, fire rating, etc. More information is available upon request.

Loft Insulation

We install either single layer or twin layer insulation although we generally recommend single lay 200 - 270mm insulation to be installed between the ceiling joists. This single layer of insulation leaves the ceiling joists exposed, making moving around in an inboarded loft much safer and easier than a twin insulated loft.

Roof Insulation

We install roof insulation which is between 100 - 200mm and is foil faced, reflecting both UV rays and providing an evaporation barrier. The insulation fits between the rafters and then the foil facing is stapled to the rafter providing an extremely effective and resilient barrier between your living space and the elements. When coupled with loft insulation - and also loft boarding - the insulatory barrier can be up to R7.0 in thermal rating.

Loft Boarding

Boarding a loft can create a really large storage space, one which is simple to move around in and one which also can contribute to the energy savings of your loft and roof insulation. Our loft boarding is insulated and is specifically designed for boarding up of loft floors.

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