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Access to roof space

Access to the roof space is gained via the loft hatch.We can sometimes isolate the work area prior to vacuuming. Because we generally have to carry old and dusty objects from the roof cavity to our trucks, there is a chance that the stairs and landings will get dusty. We carry drop sheets and where safe to do so we will lay them down. We will always vacuum up the area prior to departure.

Time required to completion

Typically, most domestic loft cleaning jobs will take at least half a day and certainly you need to allow at least 4 hours for even the smallest of jobs.

Access to property

We require access to the driveway and generally will require parking outside as well. For especially large jobs, large commercial skips may have to be used for waste removal. We need to be informed if it is not possible to park outside the property. In this instance we will have to use one of our portable machines.

Air scrubbing

Generally utilised in isolated and sensitive areas if required, we supply air scrubbers in sensitive areas which removes dust particulates from the atmosphere and 'filters and cleanses' the air. This serves as a double precaution against dust entering the non isolated sections of the property and is particularly important when asthmatics, the young or the elderly are present during cleaning.

Is all the dust removed?

It is virtually impossible to remove all the dust from the roof cavity, but certainly possible to achieve a 94%+ rate of removal. This is because of the unfinished wood used for the roof rafters, battens and support. Dust adheres to these surfaces and cannot generally be easily removed simply by vacuuming. Our Xtreme Clean service offers the best possible results.
For all your loft cleaning and reinsulating requirements please call us on 0800 235 6525, John direct on 0740 374 5269. or EMAIL US. For information on recent and current projects, please visit our Facebook page (link above).

We are located at 9 Sinclair Rd London W14 0NS and operate throughout the UK.