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Frequently asked questions about Loft Cleaning. CALL 0800 234 6525.

For all your loft cleaning and reinsulating requirements please call us on 0800 235 6525, John direct on 0740 374 5269. or EMAIL US.

How much does it cost and how long does it take?

Refer to our price list for more information on pricing. Most jobs take at least half a day and larger jobs will take all day. They rarely go longer than a day.

What gets removed?

We can remove anything that is currently in the loft, even asbestos, subject to inspection.

Can you remove old water tanks?

Yes if they have been decommissioned. We can even empty them if they still have water inside.

How clean will the loft be aftwerwards?

Generally the loft will seem to be pristine and clean of all dust in most instances although there is always some dust left behind. If the ceiling is the old lathen plaster type and the lathen is loose then the results, whilst still excellent, will not be as good as if the ceiling was plaster sheeted.

Does the power need to be turned off?

We like to have the power turned off to the house whilst our employees ar ein the roof but this is not always the case. If it does get turne doff we can supply a generator to run a tv, refrigerator etc whilst we are there.

Does any dust get inside the house?

Because we have to access the loft through the loft hatch, often there will be small amounts of dust on the landing and down the stairs, especiaslly if we are removing old batts and general debris. Obviously we install drop sheets where safe to do so and always vacuum up after we have finished.

Can you re-insulate the loft?

Yes we supply and install mineral wool or earthwool or Natural Wool batts. We do NOT supply or install glasswool batts, as they are an irritant and also are manufactured with formaldehyde, a known carcinogenic.

Will it make our house healthier and assist those suffering from allergies, coughing and asthma?

Please refer to our case studies page for actual testimonials from people who have suffered from these health issues. Generally, the removal of the old dust can and does make a large difference to a lot of people as per our testimonials, but we cannot guarantee any health improvements. From experience, when we start cleaning a loft we will frequently cough even if we wear masks. Once the work is complete we are able to be in the loft without masks and all coughing stops immediately. So our experience is that loft cleaning makes a dramatic difference to all houses.

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