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For all your loft cleaning and reinsulating requirements please call us on 0800 235 6525, John direct on 0740 374 5269. or EMAIL US. ROOF CAVITIES tend to be forgotten by most householders, who simply don't realise how much dust accumulates in the roof space over several years. No roof cavity is airtight and dust can seep into the living and sleeping areas through ventilation fans, light fittings, ducts and poorly fitted off plaster sheets. There is evidence to suggest that the removal of the large collections of accumulated dust in the roof space greatly assists chronic allergy sufferers and Loft Cleaning (UK) is one of the few companies in England to offer this service. Typically, cleaning of the roof space would normally also include replacement of the insulation as the insulation becomes saturated with dust and is extremely unhygienic.

1. Removal of rubbish/debris

Most households use the loft as a repository for unwanted items which they are reluctant to get rid of "just in case." Others move into a new home and find decades of old and iunwanted carpet, furniture, boxes etc. Loft Cleaning UK can remove all of these from your loft in preparation for cleaning and either dispose of them or relocate them for you. This needs to be completed before the removal of insulation and vacuuming can commence. All of this work is done by hand and can only be priced upon inspection.

2. Removal of insulation and dust

Once the loft space is clean of general rubbish and debris, we will then remove the existing insulation. This is either sucked out of the roof space by our giant vacuum cleaners (our truck mounted ones as per pic above) which are capable of sucking up half a batt at one time. Othertimes we will bag up the old insulation by hand and remove it from the loft.

3. Vacuuming

Once all of the rubbish and insulation is removed by hand or vacuum, we will then vacuum the roof space, including the joists, rafters and structural beams, to remove in excess of 95% of the dust from your loft, leaving a clean and dust free environment.

Pricing and Quotation information

1. Minimum charge
£400 + VAT
2. Who attends?
1 - 2 people PLUS vehicle attend each site (sometimes 2 vehicles).
3. Quotation
VIA satellite photos of property are based on m2 of the loft, or the footprint of the property. This is confirmed before commencement of works.
4. What do we do and what do we remove?
Quotation includes removal and disposal of all existing insulation, vacuuming of the loft space and removal of all reasonable amounts of rubble/rubbish in the loft.
5. How long does it take?
One job per day is booked per vehicle, so allow the entire day.
6. Are you insured?
Yes we carry full business insurance, including accidental damage and public liability up to £5,000,000.
7. Can you re-insulate the loft?
7. Can you board or line the loft?
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We are located at 9 Sinclair Rd London W14 0NS and operate throughout the UK.